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I updated this the end of july 2010, I still have the engine in bit's, still waiting for a few parts. I have now had the bike two years! State of play at the moment is, the gear box is assembled and reinstalled, but needs a new layshaft spacer fitting, so the kickstart housing hasn't been installed. I need to send the layshaft spacer for cyanide hardening. The bottom end is built and would have been popped back in a few months ago, but I hadn't coated the new engine plate, the top end is done and I will wack it on once the bottom end once is back in the frame. The engine has taken a twist recently, someone checked the timing side case with a NDT kit and checked the best he could with a partly assembled engine, he found cracks in the timing chest! I got another pair of case, but they need some work. I have been putting it off but will get stuck in this weekend.

I Don't consider this a "Good Restoration" by any stretch of the imagination, if you do let me know;-) I bought it expecting it to be a usable bike, the engine certainly wasn't usable by any stretch of the imagination. The gearbox is at the stage teeth get shed, that will destroy the rest of the gears, possibly break layshaft and damage the case, so the gearbox wasn't usable. Should the dealer stump up some dosh towards this or do I put it down to bad luck? I let him know that there were problems the day I got it and that I was leaving it a while before repairing the crank cases. I don't think the bike has been used much since the engine was bored, not a lot of wear and lack of carbon on valves and ports. The parts in the pics have just been steam cleaned the entire engine was filthy inside. The big end had excessive wear, but as it was dip feed oiling after the engine had wet sumped it's not suprising. What did surprise me was the metal getting past the "filter"[basically a rod in a hole] in the pump inlet.

Figure 1. As said before I couln't quite get over the rings;-)

I have given up speculating on the order of damage and possible repairs the motor has been subjected to. I can't help feeling whoever had been in the engine knew the state it was in.

I haven't really looked at the cycle parts yet, the sprocket cover had been bolted to the rear guard, it should be clipped to the chainguard by the look of it. There was a large bead of weld in the cover making it impossible to slide over the chainguard correctly, it looks like a very simple sheet metal repair, but it will need repainting. The girder spindles were all much to tight. I had a look in the fuel tank and it looks like it's been sealed with Por15, but not cleaned first so there is a crunchy layer of rust under the sealer! I wonder how come the wrong shoes were fitted in the front brake? It was so ineffective it must have been realised all was not well in the drum.