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This started out with the idea of putting the image and part numbers on one page, so it would be easier to read. I hate flicking back and fore to find the part numbers and my terrible memory means I have forgoten the numbers if I have to look up a few parts. Then I thought rather than print it out-I will be constantly printing pages out scribbling on them and chucking them away-I decided to put it on the laptop. Then I reconed I might as well add Groves prices, be rude not to include the VSL prices as well. I use an old Dell laptop with a 1600 wide screen so I am jut guessing with the sizes. The images are scanned from a reprint,you don't notice it when your looking at it but you can see grin thru of the printing on the other side of the paper! If you have an exploded digram parts book I would love scans of the images. I have already found it usefull, I should really be outside re-building my gearbox, but it's cold and I am getting soft in my old age.