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When I first got the bike, well around that time probably after I had the clutch re-corked, I changed the oils, the engine oil looked worse than the oil in my Diesel Land Rover[as black as] but with added hardened metal debris and the fragrance of burnt oil. I also changed the gearbox oil. I had run the engine and it had obviously whipped up the gearbox oil[ and water], when I pulled the plug out the oil looked like mayonnaise. I haven't yet stripped the gearbox but have to assume the bearings have had it. Hope the gears are OK?[wrote this some time ago]

Figure 2. Draining the gearbox mayonaise.

I took pics of some of the metal from the oil, can't seem to find them at the moment not that they were very good. The wrong washers had been used on the outside of the front axle, the washer locates in a depression in the axle plate and having the wrong ones meant the wheel was sitting in the forks lopsided!

Figure 3. Not a very good picture, the shoes are to wide and were riding on the back of the back of the drum.

The front brake was totally ineffective, pushing the bike in the garage the front brake did next to nothing. The shoes were riding on the back radius of the drum and were greasy. There was also no slipper or shims I haven't checked but the arm position looks much to high when the lever is pulled, so I guess there is meant to be a slipper and maybe some shims which are missing. The fork spindle adjusters were done up way to tight, stopping any play in the bushes being obvious, am I going to have to rebush the forks? I will probably strip the forks and check the bushes are OK. The front sprocket cover has a repair which is mig welded, a big bead is running where the cover is meant to slide over the chain guard, which it doesn't. Because it won't mount properly a hole had been drilled thru the sproket cover and the rear guard and the two bolted together. It holds it together nicely, but the problem with doing this is the chain guard isn't gripped properly and shows signs of hitting the chain, not to mention the inconvenience if you want to remove the sprocket cover to get at the sprocket or adjust the clutch, it's quite difficult to undo the nut which is inside the mudguard.